Wildlife of Dalzell Estate & Baronís Haugh
The woodlands, grasslands and water of Dalzell Estate & Baronís Haugh are home to an incredible variety of wildlife. What you see will depend on the time of year, and also the time of day Ė try getting here early to see some of our more timid residents.

Most of the woodlands around Dalzell Estate & Baronís Haugh were originally planted as shelter belts and screening or for hunting purposes. Over the generations, they have become more natural in character, and this is reflected in the range of wildlife you can glimpse here.

Sitting still and keeping quiet will increase your chances of spotting some of the more rare wildlife. Listen for the hoot of an owl or the Ďrat-a-tatí of a great spotted woodpecker. With foxes, itís often their distinctive musky scent thatís the first thing you notice. Keep an eye out, too, for roe deer and even nuthatches!

Water plays a big part in Dalzell Estate & Baronís Haugh. Whether itís the running water of Dalzell Burn, the mighty River Clyde or the open water of the haugh, itís the main attraction for many of the species that make this place their home.

Of course, some of them are visitors rather than permanent residents. The haugh in particular attracts many wintering bird species, such as whooper swans and wigeon. Sand martins arrive for the summer Ė watch for them swooping in and out of their burrows in the banks of the River Clyde.

If youíre really lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a kingfisher or even an otter! Sometimes the unexpected moments can give the most joy. If youíve ever walked though a woodland in winter, a carpet of spring flowers stretching away under the bare trees, while a cheeky robin hops fearlessly around your feet, youíll know all about this. Why not give it a try in Dalzell Estate & Baronís Haugh?
Whooper SwansChestnut Leaf